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Deadline : February 15, 2016

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Participate in our International Student Vertech City Competition and envision the City of Tomorrow. You have the chance to win one of three bursaries totaling 9,000 € and you will have the opportunity to present your project during Namur’s 2016 Forum on Sustainable Development which will be held  in Gembloux and Namur, Belgium, from March 13 to 16, 2016.

Towards a zero-waste City

This international competition, open to students only, aims to design and develop innovative green solutions and technologies for the integration of “sustainable development” in the construction of tomorrow’s smart cities.

Your mission

Cities generate large amounts of waste, whether household, from communities or industrial activities. On average, in Namur, a single inhabitant produces 300 kg (660 lbs) of waste per year! Therefore, your mandates consists of imagining a city that has become an international trend setter through its good practices in waste management, especially through practical application of innovative technologies and green chemistry. How could a city reduce its waste? How could it be recycled and value towards other ways by adopting the concepts of circular economy? Let your imagination run!

The prizes

The Vertech Award: The winning team will receive a € 5,000 bursary and will have the opportunity to show their project to more than 250 municipal representatives and managers at the Namur’s 2016 Forum of Sustainable Development, which will take place at the Vertech Colloquium.
Jury Prize: A bursary of € 3,000 given to the project which is in second place.
The Vertech Bachelor Award: A bursary of 1,000 to the best project at Bachelor level.

Application process


Once the “Letter of Intention” section is completed, save the project document in a PDF format and indicate the title of your project. The PDF must be sent by email and addressed to the attention of the competition’s Director before February 15, 2016.

Send your project (by email only) to: vertech@ulg.ac.be

The objectives of the competition

Students, cities and businesses

1.    This competition is designed to actively implicate students in the research of greener urban solutions through the utilization of industrial bioprocesses, technologies and green chemistry. 

2.    This competition allows innovative businesses to use their know-how through their collaboration and application of these audacious student projects.

3.    Inspirational ideas will provoke new ways of imaging tomorrow’s cities and give future generations a healthier quality of life, through the utilization of industrial processes, various technologies and green chemistry.

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