Board of directors

  • Mr. André Bellavance, President
  • Mr. Luc Gennart, Vice-President
  • Mr. François Pépin, Treasurer
  • Mr. Christophe Pilut, Secretary
  • Mr. Frédéric Laloux, Director
  • Mr. Didier Moreau, Director
  • Mr. Joel Robideaux, Director

The VERTECH CITY network (formerly SESAME) is a group of mid-sized cities recognized worldwide for their original initiatives in sustainable development (Lafayette, Namur,Poitiers , Victoriaville). The network brings together the main actors of the member cities who are interested in the search for global and sustainable solutions. It facilitates the development of collaborative relationships.

VERTECH CITY organizes networking activities and the exchange of ideas on a regular basis between delegations from each member city with municipal stakeholders, local businesses, institutions and research centers. The network prepares the VERTECH Colloquium and the international student competition VERTECH CITY every 1 to 2 years. The network also initiates international research and innovation projects (e. g. VERTECH I, a pilot project of Victoriaville).

Since 2017, the network has embarked on the organization of international summer schools.

Scientific Committee