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Victoriaville vue aérienne École internationale d’été 2023

The VERTECH CITY network’s International Summer School 2023

The VERTECH CITY network’s International Summer School will hold its 3rd edition from June 28 to July 8, 2023 in Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada, in the context of its new “City of Circular Innovation”, where cities, academic institutions, businesses and citizens are at the heart of the innovation ecosystem, acting as the engine and propulsion of a much-coveted ecological and circular transition.

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Circularity is increasingly cross-cutting. As the challenges facing society are exacerbated by the climate, energy and pandemic crises, this year’s event will take a closer look at how circularity can be used to innovate beyond the economy.


  • Preparatory session with participant notebook and follow-up session
  • Theoretical and interactive sessions with case studies by highly qualified specialists
  • Visits to inspiring local businesses and organizations in action
  • Networking activities (welcome cocktails, networking sessions, citizens’ day, etc.)
  • Group exercise (setting up an entrepreneurial project) with oral presentation to a large audience
  • Connection with other local and cultural events: Canada Day celebrations (July 1, 2023)


  • 5 motivated students (college, university) per participating country, with profiles in green chemistry, environment, administration, management, engineering, entrepreneurship, social science, land use and urban planning, etc.
  • Possibility of credit for the training (registration fees (credits) are at the students’ expense)
  • 2 to 3 speakers/experts from participating cities and universities, with the possibility of virtual speakers


This international summer school, organized as part of the activities of the VERTECH CITY Network, represents a golden opportunity for students to enjoy a rich and unique experience in internationalization, while working on finding solutions to concrete challenges. Its approach aims to provide up-to-date knowledge and enlightened perspectives on the socio-economic and socio-entrepreneurial challenges facing cities and regions, and on the technological and social innovations developed to solve or mitigate these problems. These schools also serve to demonstrate the important role of mid-sized cities and businesses in the research and innovation ecosystem, while fostering closer ties with teaching and research institutions. It is an opportunity to introduce students to entrepreneurship, project management and innovation from a cross-disciplinary, cross-sector and cross-order (college + university) perspective.


Registration, travel, accommodation and meals for school activities are free of charge. Course credit fees are at the participants’ expense, as are travel and meals on days off. Limited to 10 places for Quebec students (selection process).


Contact Nicholas Fecteau, event co-organizer for the Chaire de recherche municipale pour les villes durables – Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada


Phone: +1 819 960-1139 

A chair labeled “Vertech”

The Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) and the City of Victoriaville are partnering to create a new municipal research chair for sustainable cities. This innovative initiative – a first for a Quebec city – will put UQTR’s research and development expertise at the service of the City of Victoriaville and its citizens, for the implementation of mobilizing projects specifically aligned with the City’s vision and its strategic development plan.

Information in French only : HERE

A new partnership for the network

The Haute Ecole de la Province de Hainaut Condorcet (College) joined the Vertech City Network. Its representative within the network is the researcher, Benoît Moreau, head of the “Green Chemistry and Biobased Products” Research Unit.

And the winner is… Tequila !

The International Summerschool Vertech, which was held from July 13 to 20 in Namur, ended with the students presentations for a city of tomorrow: smart and sustainable.

The Tequisol project developed for the Mexican city of Tequila seduced the jury the most for its overall coherence.

Find the school’s summary below:

International Summer School Vertech – Public Moment !

As part of the International Vertech Summer School held in Namur, you are invited to an public moment on Wednesday 17 July from 9am to 11.30am at La Bourse, Place d’Armes. Speechs in French

Development of the Namur Innovative City Lab projects, by Maxime Prévot, Deputy Mayor of Namur.

Smart and sustainable cities by a panel of elected officials and representatives from Lafayette, Namur, Trois-Rivières and Victoriaville.

A new website for the International Summer School 2019 !

The VERTECH International Summer School 2019 has its website. You can find all information about the next Summer School in Namur (Belgium) from July 14 till July 20. The registrations are opened on the website too.

International Summer School 2019

The theme of the International Summer School VERTECH is known : Sustainable Development in Smart Cities. A transversal approach targets students from diverse backgrounds.

student exchange

International Summer School 2019

The ISS will take place this year in Namur, Belgium from 13 to 20 July. Come back on this website or follow us on facebook.

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A new website for

Vertech City network is proud to present you its new website.

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